Top of Funnel Customer Attraction Strategies and Maintaining Balance in Business with Gina Venancio

Season #5

If you've been trying to crack the Instagram code, this episode's for you. This week, we talk to Kindergarten teacher and Classroom Management Coach Gina Venancio about how she went from experiencing imposter syndrome and the feeling that she wasn't enough of an "expert" in her niche to feeling confident in sharing about (and monetizing) her passions as a teacher online.

Gina walks us through her exact content creation process and how she uses my Visibility Blueprint to make coming up with ideas simple. She shares how she repurposes content, batch records her reels, and how she measures success with her social media content (spoiler: it's not her follower count!).

Gina's reels are SO good, with some topping over a million views, and we discuss why this visibility strategy is so key for her marketing (plus next steps to convert even more of those new followers to buyers). We even dig into launching your first online program and how you can use social media to refine your offer suite.

This episode is absolutely FULL of amazing advice for new and seasoned business owners looking to bring more intention and creativity to their marketing. So grab a cup of coffee, and let's get started.

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