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Oh hi, I'm Alissa!

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I'm a 4-time founder, relentlessly curious and obsessed with marketing campaigns that stop people in their tracks.

I was teaching fifth-grade when I turned my "little side hustle" into the self-funded 2 year maternity leave I'd been dreaming of. 

Are you ready to bring your wildest dreams to life?

Let's do this, together! Every Monday, I'll deliver a playlist of money-making strategies you can take and use right away.


Grab a cup of coffee, and let's bring your wildest ideas to life! This is THE podcast for moms, teachers, and impact-driven entrepreneurs who want to find ways to make the money they deserve. It's totally binge-able, so strap the kiddos in their car seats and head out for a cake pop while you tune in!

Finding Your Zone of Genius

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Authentic, Scalable Growth

The Solopreneur's Guide to Authentic, Scalable Growth on Instagram


Launch Without a Giant Following

How This 6th Grade Math Teacher Launched a Workshop (Without a Giant Following)

"Alissa changed my life. I know that sounds like an extreme statement, but it's true!"

Before her coaching, I was running a successful side gig. But after her coaching, I am reaching such great heights. I am now impacting teachers with an online course and membership as well as reaching financial goals I never dreamed possible. She has a way of explaining things and really making you believe you can have the life that you've always dreamed of. I don't know where I'd be without her coaching. (Oh wait, yes I do! I'd be spinning my wheels and trying to figure out everything on my own- why are we so stubborn?!) Invest in THU. It will be the best thing you do for yourself and your business."

- Andriana, The Active Educator

Starting or growing your teacher hustle? 

You're going to 
love these programs.


Business Pathways E-Book

If you're an educator, you already have the skills you need to start an online business. But how should you make money? How should you get started? This free e-book answers all your questions. You'll also unlock a free 45-minute training to get you started!



Teacher Hustle Prep School

Whether you're just starting out, or you've already started but you're feeling stuck, it can help to get back to the basics! Create or revamp your business plan in just 3 days to keep you focused, so you can get unstuck and start making the money you've been dreaming of.



Join a Workshop

Got an hour to work on your business?
 Hop into the workshop you need on topics like goal setting, revenue formulas, and email marketing. Then grab a toolkit to save you tons of time with the templates and tools you need to get the dang thing DONE! The support you need is right here.


Inside your new business hub, you'll meet your newest biz besties and cheerleaders (fellow driven teacher entrepreneurs like you!). You'll also get access to prompts, templates, tools, and training to move you toward your goals in business and marketing strategy.

You'll love our marketing sprints that will help you cross off even you most daunting to-do list items... and so much more!


Work with Alissa and a Team of Educational Content Creators

Good Hype Marketing Agency

Your hype team is here! We work with established educational consultants and Edtech companies to build marketing strategies. We run full-scale product launches and set up foundational marketing systems. We've gone through hundreds of launches with our playbook, and it works.


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From your first sale to your first hire, we're in this together. Every Monday, I'll deliver the best mixtape of advice to help you grow your online business. 

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