What if you could finally put your skills, ideas, and passions to good use and make steady income month after month in your online business?

What if you could finally have the financial freedom you deserve as a teacher?

You're probably looking for more impact... and financial wiggle room would be nice too.

You've seen other teachers have success with an online business... but how the heck are they bringing in a consistent stream of extra cash every month?

You're right about one thing. Educators have a variety of skills, and those skills are in high demand in the online space. There are teachers matching their teaching income with their online business selling their worksheets online, offering courses or workshops, freelancing, tutoring, consulting, or even selling physical products!

Teachers are talented. (And yes, YOU are one of these talented teachers!)

You may have dreamed of having the impact and income an online business can bring, or maybe you've already seen some success with your online business! But you haven't found your way to that steady income yet.

Can I be honest for a sec? It's no wonder your stuck. 

There's so much conflicting information out there about how to start and grow your online business. Some of that information is just plain WRONG or FLUFF... 

...and some of that advice is actually from people who are experts in marketing, but they don't have a clue about what it's like to be a teacher!

It's time to cut through that noise and actually get your Teacher Hustle business plan clarified and moving in the next few weeks.

  • You knew exactly how your skills could generate an income online.
  • You had a foundation and a do-able plan.
  • You were able to stay laser-focused on only the strategies that move you toward your income goal. 
  • You had a mentor and community surrounding you, so you can meet with the success you deserve.

I'm Alissa, a toddler mama, French Fry Connoisseur, former teacher, marketing strategist and founder of an Edtech company. 

I’m here for teachers like YOU who are ready to learn how to generate consistent cash in their business (without giving up tons of extra time).

Did you catch my "viral" TikTok video where I shared the story of how I tripled my teaching income in 2 years with an online business? Here's the short version:

After 12 years of teaching, I was already feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. Deep down, I knew I had the drive and determination to impact more students in a big way. I also knew I deserved a better income, and I was sick of feeling financially strapped. 

I had a moment (sitting in my kitchen in my polka-dot pajamas) when I realized I had a mission. Using the skills I’d developed as a teacher and business owner, I could unite teachers online and empower them to package their genius and get it out to the world.

Since that moment, I’ve helped hundreds of teachers replace or double their teaching salary by using their teacher genius to start and grow an online business.

I also launched a technology platform to help K12 educators connect to share teaching strategies.

Every teacher has something to offer, and I love helping teachers sort through the confusion and overwhelm, so they can find their place in the online world and make the impact they were meant to make while bringing in the income they deserve.


Figure out (once and for all) how to get your ideas out into the world and make money doing it.

 Have financial wiggle room to do things like take vacations or pay down debt... without the guilt.

 Finally figure out how to spend most of your time in the fun business zone, so you don't have to spend all your time doing business-y tasks... like marketing. (Ewww, David.)

See your impact ripple out beyond the walls of your classroom.

 Make income you can count on month after month without having to put in tons of extra time.




A 3-day business planning challenge for educators who want to start (or grow) an online business that is simple AND profitable.


Create a totally do-able business plan

Pave the perfect path to a profitable business with products and offers that light you up AND bring in the income you need {so you can finally cross that dream kitchen off your vision board!}

Every great business owner starts with a plan. But this is the piece so many of us skip. We think "I'll just figure it out as I go!" Not you, savvy teacher! You're going to do this right.

Confidently talk (and write) about your business

Nail your messaging, so creating posts on Instagram or copy for your website is simple and quick… and you never have to stare at the blinking cursor again.

Write copy for your website, sales pages and descriptions that sets you apart from the rest so that you become known in the online space… even if you don’t love to write.

Put a solid marketing strategy into place

Decide on a marketing strategy that YOU like doing. (Because trying a bunch of random marketing tactics and hoping something sticks… does NOT work.)

Put your marketing strategy on autopilot, so you can make money each month without putting in tons of extra time.


Make $1000 or more each and every month

Watch the money roll into your bank account every month. Generate a steady income to pay down debt, build savings, go shopping, take vacations, without the feeling of guilt.

Get out into the world to talk about your business in a way that feels empowering and impactful {not sleezy and salesy}.



  • Figure out exactly how to use your teacher skills to make money online. 
  • Nail down WHAT you’re going to sell, how much it will COST, and your plan for creating something so amazing, people are begging you for MORE!

Walk away with a complete plan of what to sell, when to sell it, and for how much based on your skills and passions.


  • Using my method, we will define exactly what you do and why you’re different.
  • Learn how to take this messaging and use it on your social media profiles, your website, and your product or service descriptions!
  • Figure out what makes you stand out, so you can go out into the world and start talking about your business with CONFIDENCE. 

Walk away with stop-you-in-your-tracks copy to use on your social bios, webpage, product descriptions, services page, etc.


  • Decide what is worth your time when it comes to marketing… and what isn’t.
  • Set up your visibility routine based on how much time you want to spend per week.

Walk away with your own visibility action plan.


  • Learn my proprietary Profit Funnel Framework, the method over 300 teachers are using to put the marketing for their online business on autopilot! (So they make sales all the time, even when they're teaching!)
  • Map out all the steps you need to get your first automated funnel in place, so you can spend less time trying random marketing tactics… and more time doing the things that actually work.

Walk away with all the steps you need to take to get your first automated funnel up and running.

  • Teacher Prep School Business Plan Template 
  • 3 Interactive Workshops (to help you build your business plan)
  • A Facebook community just for teachers who are working on building an online business
  • Lifetime access to workshops, so you can revisit anytime you need to revise your business plan! 

I'm on a personal mission to have you walk away feeling like this 🤯

Connect with other like-minded teachers who have that same drive for more impact and income (What I call "Teacher Hustle").

You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish during this challenge!

I earned more in one month than I did for the entire year leading up to working with Alissa. Whether you have hours to devote to working on your business or a small window of time like me, you can grow and flourish under Alissa's guidance. I'm so happy I took this leap of faith!" -Meg Browne, Teacher

"I've had more sales since implementing Alissa's strategies than I've had all year. I doubled my annual revenue in one week. I've been going over my data, and I'm amazed. Thank you for the extra push to try new things and for the coaching to try them strategically" -Teacher Hustle Program Participant

NOW $80 OFF!!!



Just $17 for the next 500 to join!!!

Because 2024 is the perfect year to start or grow your online business, I'm offering this program at just $17!!!

This is the *MOST* value you'll see for just $17. No catch- just accessible trainings to help you grow your business!

  • 3 Interactive Business Building Workshops: Vision, Messaging, Visibility
  • Business Plan Template (To help you map out a solid plan for making money and growing your business without spending all your extra time working on it!)
  • Unlock BONUS content: Market Research Guidebook and Keyword Research Guidebook
  • Lifetime access to workshops, so you can revisit anytime you need to revise your business plan!


Here’s my promise to you - I’m so passionate about helping you get your online business in a place where it’s generating a consistent source of extra income, that I’m determined to make it as accessible as it can be for you to learn these game-changing strategies. This program was created to give you the step-by-step plan you need to cut through the noise and figure out exactly how you can make your online business work.

That's why we're making this a no-brainer price... AND we're giving you until the end of the first workshop to change your mind. If you get through the first workshop and realize this isn't for you, just contact us before the first call to receive your money back. You can even keep all of your new-found teacher biz savvy!

Let’s take a peek into what not joining Teacher Hustle Prep School might look like… 

You can stay paralyzed- dreaming about your business, but not taking that next step because you're not sure what it is, or worse... you're stuck overanalyzing every move. You can spend more time learning the latest and greatest marketing platform, hoping that will finally be the one that brings more sales to your business.

You can keep going on the free Facebook groups and asking questions like,  “Should I have an email list?” Or Googling “What to post Instagram?”

You can keep trying to push down that nagging feeling that you’re not doing enough to get the word out about your products or services.

But that’s not the path I want for you. 

I’ve created this program to help teachers like YOU finally feel relieved that they have a step-by-step plan to put into action. I want you to feel accomplished and ready to take your business to the next level with the actual steps laid out. I want you to feel ready to go out into the world and confidently share your ideas, like the true teacher entrepreneur you are!

That’s why your investment in Teacher Hustle Prep School will provide you with the business coaching to teach you exactly how to do this and give you the mentorship you need to get there in just 2 weeks!


What will life be like one year from now if you start today?


It will be easy to say, “Maybe next year.” But I’m guessing you need something to look forward to. As much as you want the income, you probably need this business even more as an ESCAPE right now. A creative outlet and a community you can turn to… people who get it.

We all look back on that one moment when everything changed. This could be that moment for you. See you inside!