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Profit Funnel Framework: START - The core learnings of THU for those just starting out (or if you need to go back to foundations!)

Profit Funnel Framework - GROW - Everything you need to know to ramp up the growth in your business

Profit Funnel Framework - SCALE - When you're ready to kick things up, watch these trainings!

Business Pathways - Decide on your business model

Content Guide - Giant bank of templates and prompts

Level-Up Library - A menu of experiment ideas for you to try in your business this month, along with related workshops and resources.

Quarterly Planning Process - Learn how our THU Quarterly Planning Process works & grab the toolkit to start tracking your targets and experiments.

The Community - Join us on Facebook to connect!

THU Happenings

Updates for 2024!


I'm excited for you to see your revamped Member Portal! 

The stacks are now broken out into 3 phases: Start, Grow, and Scale. This way, you know exactly which phase of business you're working in. Any recommended, related workshops for that stage have been added.

You also have access to our Level-Up Library where you can learn how we'll be doing our Quarterly Planning together this year. 

Each quarter, we'll meet live to reflect on last quarter and set our targets and experiments for the coming quarter.

Your Level-Up Library is filled with different experiment ideas. Simply use it like a menu to pick your experiment and get started!

We'll focus on one experiment as a group for the quarter, and I'll provide extra resources and supports for that experiment inside our community.

Check out the Level-Up Library >


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Mark your calendar!

Q2 Group Experiment: 

This month, we're working on improving our funnels.  

Funnels help our customers move along the customer journey.

It may be your first time building a funnel or you might be going back to optimize funnels you've created over time.

Either way, it's a good idea to start mapping your funnels so you can begin to track their performance and make calculated improvements.

For mapping funnels, try:





Quarterly Planning Workshop:

Wednesday, March 27th 7:30pm EST

Celebrating YOU!

Member Wins!


Lisa welcomed 25 new members to her Digital Clutter Cleanup Club!

A bunch of THU members served as advisors for Edtech companies this month! 

Michelle had a moment of clarity with her sustainability-focused teacher subscription box!

Remember, if you have a win to share, you can do that HERE.

Team work makes the dream work!

Need someone to try out your latest product or give feedback on your landing page?

Looking for collaborations and partnerships? Trying to find guests for your podcast?

Come to our Facebook community on Tuesdays (the one day you can share promotional links!), and use the hashtag #teamworktuesday to make your request!

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Help Desk

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