It's E-mail Marketing in a Box! A library of trainings, templates & swipe files to help you implement a solid e-mail marketing strategy where e-mail feels like FUN for you AND your reader. We're turning e-mail into a sales tool (without being spammy)!
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Grow your e-mail list and nurture valued subscribers with e-mails.

(E-mails they actually want to open...)


Is this you? 👇

You've heard you're supposed to be building your e-mail list...everyone is saying it. But where do you start? And who would want to be on your "list" anyway?! (Hi, mom.)

Maybe you started collecting names and e-mail addresses for your ideal audience...but what are you supposed to be saying to them?

You stare at the cursor on your screen wondering how to entertain your audience without being annoying. The last thing you want is to be just another piece of junk mail. 

You've heard people talking about the consistent sales they're getting from their e-mail list, but how are they doing it? What's the trick? How are they selling to their audience without being spammy? 

Here's the thing.

E-mail doesn't have to be BORING!

It doesn't have to be HARD.

It doesn't have to be ONE👏MORE👏THING👏ON YOUR TO-DO LIST. (That list is never-ending, amiright?)


If you're over there on the other side of your screen shouting "YASSSS, GIRL!"'re in the right place.


Because instead of spinning our wheels trying to figure out the tech and understanding the "language of e-mail", instead of dealing with writer's block and feeling like this is just ANOTHER THING...


Imagine if...

You build your list and your perfect people are flocking to it. They actually WANT to hear more from you!

You have more time to spend on other parts of your business because your e-mail strategy is all set up and running in the background. It's no longer this giant THING you're supposed to be doing.

Writing an e-mail feels light and simple, and you actually squeal in delight a little when you hit that send button!

The sales in your business keep rolling in while you lay on the beach, stroll the aisles of Target, or sip your hot mug of tea because you have FUNNELS, baby!

You read all the crazy advice about e-mail marketing in Facebook groups and keep right on scrollin' because you know the TOP SECRET SYSTEM and nobody's gettin' in your way!


And what's the secret sauce?!


It's not's not's not's...


The Teacher Hustle University Engage with E-mail Vault!


It's a library of 6 modules of trainings, templates and swipe files made specifically for teacher business owners.


Yep. I know. I'm jumping up and down too.

The Engage with E-mail Vault Includes:

Module 1: Solid Setup

Let's get your e-mail marketing strategy ready to go. In this module, you'll learn how to choose an e-mail service provider and write the perfect welcome sequence. (Or if you don't want to write it yourself...there's a few templates, of course!) You'll learn the Teacher Hustle University E-mail Marketing Framework so you see the BIG PICTURE.

Module 2: The Perfect Lead Magnet

Learn how to get your perfect people on your e-mail list so you can serve the heck out of them. All the tips and tricks you need to set up a lead magnet people are drooling over, plus lead magnet templates you can turn around and use!

Module 3: Consistent Content Plan

There's nothing worse than getting all these wonderful people on your list and then ghosting them because you don't know what to say! Learn how to write e-mails they'll actually want to open and create a content plan so you know exactly what to say. Newsletter templates, subject line swipe files, e-mail prompts and e-mail signature templates galore!

Module 4: Building Your List

Now that you've tackled the tech, started your list, and created a content plan, you're ready to learn how to GROW that list because you know the energy of your business is reflected in the energy of that list. We'll learn organic ways to keep the names and e-mails coming. Of course, there are templates for everything from Instagram posts to Pinterest graphics so you don't have to lift a finger. (Ok, maybe just one finger.)

Module 5: E-mail Funnels

Learn how to make your business more passive with automated e-mail funnels. You'll see the sales roll in when you set up these sequences. Of course, we'll do all of this without being spammy or sales-y. You'll learn how to lead your ideal customer on a journey to purchasing that you BOTH feel good about. Blueprints for funnels and templates/swipe files for product and course launches.

Module 6: Amplify & Grow

In this module you'll take everything you learned and kick it up a notch (or two)! You'll learn about the key analytics you need to be paying attention to and how to grow your list in out-of-the-box ways. All the growth strategies you need to keep up the energy of your list!

ConvertKit Tech Library

If you're using ConvertKit, you'll love these bonus tech tutorials walking you through setting up everything from a simple e-mail to a complicated automation system.

Bonus Material

You'll love the bonus guides and tutorials along with the replay of the Engage with E-mail live workshop! As an owner of the Engage with E-mail Vault, you'll always have a free invitation to future live workshops about e-mail marketing.

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If you're ready for the growth that can come from nurturing a group of your perfect people, this course is for you!

If you're sure this is going to be hard work up front, but you're ready to tackle the hard parts and get your e-mail strategy up and running, this is for you.

If you're ready to take your business to the next level and position yourself as the go-to gal or guy in your niche, this is perfect for you.

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This was designed for teachers with an online business like...

Selling digital products on Teachers Pay Teachers or your own website. E-mail marketing is the perfect way to stay connected with your ideal audience to provide tips & tricks and showcase your products. 

Selling physical products on Etsy or your own website. You'll learn to leverage e-mail marketing to share tips for using your product, deals and specials. You'll become a favorite brand your people can trust!

Courses, memberships, workshops or other virtual trainings or summits. Skyrocket your digital product launch by developing your position as a thought-leader through e-mail. Your evergreen funnels will give you the traffic boost you need!

Freelancing or virtual assistant services. Stay connected with your perfect people to bring them the content they need from someone they can trust. When it comes time to sign a contract, they'll be looking to you!

Online or in-person tutoring or consulting. Stay connected with your current and former students and trainees and nurture new leads through e-mail!

Any teacher with content to share. You don't absolutely need a blog, podcast, or YouTube channel to nurture and grow your e-mail list. Just having a product offer and an e-mail list packs a nice 1-2 punch! BUT, if you have long-form content you're putting out as part of your marketing strategy, e-mail will get that content in front of more eyes, which helps keep your income steady!

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You could keep on avoiding e-mail marketing...


Or ghosting your e-mail list because you've run out of things to say.


You could keep trying to DIY your way through it...


OR you could unlock your E-mail Marketing Vault!

The key to connecting with your audience and turning e-mail into a sales tool for your business.

E-mail will no longer be ONE MORE THING. 

It will be one piece of your balanced marketing strategy.

Your confidence in your content plan won't waiver...

Your e-mails will be FUN to write AND FUN to read!

Most importantly, you'll never wonder what to write in an e-mail again!
Open the E-mail Marketing Vault!


I'm Alissa, a toddler mama, fifth-grade teacher, business owner, and social media marketing manager for local businesses. (I like to refer to myself as "multi-passionate".) I’m here for teachers like YOU who are ready to learn how to effectively market their business (without giving up tons of extra time).

After 12 years of teaching, I was already feeling overwhelmed and uninspired. I was starting to love my side-hustle of marketing for local businesses MORE than I loved teaching. 

The solution to my problem? It was sitting in my schoolbag the whole time.

Our smartphones have the amazing power to connect us to an entire world of teachers. We can share ideas, resources, support one another, and develop friendships.

I had a moment (sitting in my kitchen in my polka-dot pajamas) where I realized I had a mission. Using my marketing knowledge, I could unite teachers online and empower them to build a community online.

Every teacher has something to offer, and I want to help sort through the confusion and overwhelm and help teachers find their place in the online world.

Payment Plan


Three Payments

  • 6 modules of video trainings
  • Vault of templates & swipe files
  • Planning workbook
  • Instant, lifetime access
  • Replay of live Engage with E-mail Workshop
  • Free admission to future live Engage with E-mail Workshops

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One Payment

  • 6 modules of video trainings
  • Vault of templates & swipe files
  • Planning workbook
  • Instant, lifetime access
  • Replay of live Engage with E-mail Workshop
  • Free admission to future live Engage with E-mail Workshops
  • BONUS! E-mail Marketing Toolkit 

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee 

I know when you implement the tools in the Engage with E-mail Vault, you'll be seeing crazy results! But, if you go through entire course and put all the training to use and still aren't seeing results, just contact us within 30 days to get your money back. Please note, due to the nature of the template-style resources packed into this course, we do not offer refunds once the handouts and swipe files or other materials have been downloaded.

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