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You've heard you should be e-mailing your ideal audience, but you're wondering what in the world you're supposed to be writing. You have an e-mail service provider or plan on using one, but you're not sure how to begin collecting e-mails. You'll leave this workshop with all the tools and the plan you need to build your e-mail list and provide valuable content to your readers. 


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Struggling to get your e-mail marketing strategy off the ground? Let's work together to create a content plan, outline your e-mail sequences and lead magnet, and create an action plan for building your list. This is a hands-on workshop, so bring your notebook and be ready to work!

We'll start with a quick overview about the purpose behind e-mail marketing, what you'll need to have in place to get it running, and general tips and tricks.

We'll develop your strategy for adding value to your niche through e-mail. What value can you offer your ideal audience? You'll learn why it's important to plan out your content with purpose.

You'll have time to work on your content plan in your notebook while Alissa answers your questions. You can begin to outline your nurture sequence, your subject lines, and your weekly e-mail plan.

How can you create a lead magnet that will attract your ideal customer? What can you create that will make them say, "I want more of this!" We'll talk about how to choose the best resource for your niche.

Alissa will coach 2-3 workshop participants as they develop a plan for the best lead magnet for their niche.

Take a break, grab a snack. If you're feeling really ambitious, you can get into your Email Service Provider and begin to set up your e-mail sequence.

We'll review examples of e-mails in a nurture sequence as you begin to write your e-mail copy in your own notebook. You'll learn copy tricks and tips for writing e-mails and headlines that provide value and capture your audience.

We'll come up with 3 actionable steps you can take following the workshop to begin building your e-mail list.

Alissa will answer all your burning questions about e-mail marketing. You'll identify 3 actionable steps to take to get your e-mail up and running!


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