Take advantage of TPT listings and descriptions

Welcome to the first day your five day challenge!! I’m so excited you decided to be part of it!

Let’s talk about your TPT listings and descriptions!

You’ve made a beautiful resources for teachers, but when you hit submit, it lands on page 7 of the TPT search. Guess what? Most teachers won’t click past page 2. Your chances of being found are slim at best. Before we do any other launching outside of TPT, we need to stop and be sure we’ve taken advantage of our listing.


We spend so much time on other platforms that we neglect the place where most searches begin! Teachers Pay Teachers is a search engine. In order for search engines to know where to place your listing, they have to be properly optimized.


If they’re not optimized, no one is ever going to find you!


Here’s a few tips on what you can do to make sure your resources are searchable AND are ranking well:


  1. Do your keyword research! This will help you figure out what people are searching for and how you can position your resource. Identify the problem your resources solves.
  2. Create a keyword list. Make sure you compile all the keywords you’re going to be using so you can refer back to them later.
  3. Put your keywords in your title as well as your description. (Concentrate on the first 2-3 lines without making it too keyword-heavy)
  4. Give your entire listing a once over to verify your use of keywords, photo sizes, resource preview, and that all the links are on point.


Make sure you tune in for my live session TONIGHT at 8:00pm EST where I’ll go into more detail about TPT listings! Here’s how you can tune in:


Head over to the Teacher Hustle Facebook Group! This is where the live session will be hosted. If you haven’t joined the group yet, make sure you do that before 8:00pm EST so you don’t miss anything!

See you at 8:00pm EST!!




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