Product showcase (without the icky sales-y vibe)

Cheers to day three of this amazing challenge!! Yes!! You made it!

Are you ready to use the magic of content marketing? Of course you are!

Let’s chat about showing your products in action. Showing how your product works or letting people see it in action provides value to your audience and makes all the difference in sales. That’s why infomercials are SO successful. People want to see the product doing it’s thang before they buy it!

I’m sure you can think of a time when a commercial totally worked on you or of a time when you wanted to go into a store to see the product before you bought it. I know I can!

Give people the chance to see your product in action!

You can do this by:

Creating a blog post that has photos of your resource in action. Whether it’s you using your own resource or someone else using it, seeing the experience of your product will draw your audience in. You can explain its features and benefits and mix in some photos to tell a story.

Use Instagram stories! I recommend using three Instagram story slides that explain why teachers in your niche audience need your product. Focus on explaining the problem its helped you solved and show them where they can get it. Here are some Canva templates that you can make ahead of time and just post in your stories 2-3 times per week:



And finally, you can use stickers in your Instagram stories to encourage questions, have them vote on something related to the product, survey about next steps for your product line, etc. It’s a great way to engage with your audience and make them a part of your decision making process.

Stuck? Try this. (It’s written for Instastories, but could totally work in a blog post!)

Story One: The struggle is real! My students are always having a hard time with (describe problem) How do your kids handle it when (insert problem) {this or that poll sticker}

Story Two: I’ve been working hard on something to help my kids with (problem), and it is seriously working. Check it out. {arrow to next story}

Story Three: I’d love for you to give this resource a try in your own classroom! Type “yes” in the box if you’d like the link. {Questions box}

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