Pinterest marketing that converts

It’s second last day in the challenge! You still with me??

Let’s move on to Pinterest! I know Pinterest is known for it’s endless photos of dinner ideas, porch decorations, and paint colors, but let’s be honest. People searching for decor and food are totally our people. And wherever our people hang out, that’s where we need to be.

Whether you have a blog or you’re just trying to drive people directly to your listing, using Pinterest is a great way to get traffic. This visual search engine is unique because of the mindset of the users.

Think about it. Anytime you’re on Pinterest, what are you there for? You’re not there with your “shopping” mindset on like on TPT. You’re not there in your “research” mindset like on Google.

You’re on in your “gimme all the ideas” mindset. And that. is. exactly. what. we. need. Because we have ALL the ideas!

Here’s the challenge:

  • Using your product photos from the photo shoot, create several pins inside of Canva. 5-10 is a good number to keep in mind. It adds variety so you can continue to pin without feeling spammy! #antispam


  • Use multiple titles for each of your products. Simply switch up the wording a little bit.


  • Once your pins are created, you can drive visitors to your blog to get your entire brand experience OR, you can drive them directly to your listing if you don’t have a blog!


  • Pay close attention to your title and description. Use the keywords from the list you created on Day 1.

(To schedule those pins for you’re not spending hours doing it manually, use Tailwind! It’s a great resource to just schedule your pins and how often you want them to be repined, and walk away! Yes please!!)

Make sure you tune in TONIGHT at 8:00pm EST for the LIVE MASTERCLASS!! This one will be longer and jam-packed full of information from this week’s challenge, and of course I’ll be giving you an inside look at Teacher Hustle University since the doors are only open for ONE MORE DAY.

The doors close when the challenge ends (Friday night at midnight), and they won’t be open again for a while. Don’t miss your chance to start treating your side-hustle the way it deserves to be treated- like a business.

Here’s how you can tune in:

Head over to the Teacher Hustle Facebook Group! This is where the live session will be hosted. If you haven’t joined the group yet, make sure you do that before 8:00pm EST so you don’t miss anything!

See you at 8:00pm EST!!