Instagram content marketing (sell without selling)

We’ve reached the end of this five-day challenge! Congratulations! You’re amazing!

The last thing I want to talk about is taking those gorgeous photos that you spent time shooting, and how to put them in your Instagram feed without selling a thing.


It can feel so akward to post a product pic with, “Hey! Check out this resource.” Our Insta viewers are scrolling, scrolling, scrolling. We need to convince them to STOP. We have a responsibility to provide valuable content. So how do we provide value without being sale-sy?

Try this:

  • Serve your readers  first by giving them a tip or trick related to the problem. Invite readers to try out your resource as a solution.


  • Tell a story with your resource. Tell the story of how it helped you and other people who have used it. Talk about your motivation behind creating it. Personalize the caption so people can relate to it!


  • Use this opportunity to ask questions. Try asking a question that relates to the story you’ve just told or ask for advice related to the problem the product addresses. People can’t resist offering advice, and Instagram has the BEST advice!


Try this:

P R O B L E M. (<------ Insert your own problem here.) My students were totally struggling with (problem) until I tried (tip or trick). Talk about a game-changer!

Here’s how it works. (Describe tip or trick.)

This got me thinking about a bigger solution. My students used (this resource), and you won’t believe what happened! (Results.)

Do your students struggle with (problem)? I need all the tips!

Remember, Instagram is all about engagement. Your photo and first line of your caption will get them to stop. Your question will get them to stay.

People buy from people. Tell stories, engage in genuine conversation, and turn them into true fans!

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