Product photoshoot 101

Let’s talk about how to take AMAZING photos of your resources.

We’ve all seen the mediocre photos on TPT. You know the ones. (I’m totally guilty.) It’s either a plain ol’ screenshot or a straight-up product shot in dim lighting.

How do you react when you see a photo like this? Does it make you want to find the link to buy the product? Does it even make you stop scrolling? Probably not! Your eye is naturally be drawn to the listing that has an esthetically appealing photo. We need to use some basic photography tricks. (Don’t worry, you can do everything on your cell phone!)

Especially on a visual platform like Pinterest and Instagram, appearance makes all the difference!

So, let’s work on how you can take amazing photos for your listings. Here are some simple tips:


  1. Print out your product or a few products from your product line
  2. Find 3-5 props (file folder, succulent, paper weight, pens, notebooks, etc.)
  3. Put everything by a window (natural lighting)
  4. Shoot lots and lots of pics! (Better to have too many than not enough!)
  5. Edit with apps (blur background, brighten, add detail)


Simple enough! Many of us know these steps, but we skip them because we’re short on time. A photo can make or break your product launch. So, do me a favor. Have a mini-photoshoot, and let me know how much you LOVE your new photos!

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